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So you’re ready, or almost ready, to get married! Or maybe your family or your friends are pressuring you.

Whatever the reason, most American Hindu singles find searching for the perfect Indian, US resident, educated, cultured, and vegetarian Hindu spouse overwhelming. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. America’s just too big. Heck, each state is too big.

The right person for you is certainly ‘out there’ somewhere, but where? No-one seems to know. Even temples and Hindu centers don’t know.

But is now bringing together all these beautiful and educated people. You don’t have to worry so much about looking for someone. You can do it right here.

You might also feel a little anxious about getting married after hearing some horror stories of called-off engagements, and divorces. Maybe you’ve seen these with somebody you know or even your own family. 

So you may feel worried about what might happen to you if you get married: “Will I have to go through all that pain and frustration?”

Please remember, the majority of such unfortunate incidents – which are relatively few but get a lot of publicity –  occur because the couple was poorly matched. This is usually in one or more of the following categories: style of upbringing, personal income, education, culture, diet, worldview, and religious beliefs.

These common problems should not arise for people who find their spouse here because 1) All members share many important similarities and 2) These and other topics should be discussed in detail by the couple before marriage. It’s better to learn about stuff before you get married than after. 

Some important topics and ‘agreements’ should perhaps be written or recorded so that there is no ‘I said/he said’ arguments later. For instance:
1. Will we have kids?
2. When will we have them?
3. Who will name them? (Some cultures have aunts naming them, not the parents)
4. Will their names be Hindu or modern? (Pinakin or Pintu or Sophia or Krishna?)
5. How will marriage costs be divided between the two families?
6. Will dowry be taken? How much? (AmericanHinduSingles strongly discourages this out-of-date custom)
7. Which religion shall we follow? (Sometimes some cultures require the wife to follow the husband’s faith. AmericanHinduSingles strongly discourages this out-of-date custom).
8. How often will you visit a Hindu temple?
9. How much will you encourage your kids to believe and participate in Hindu beliefs and values?
10. Will you eat out?
11. Will you attend parties?
12. Will you talk and laugh (not flirt) with members of the opposite sex?
13. What kind of clothes will you be expected to wear?
14. How often will you go on vacation?
15. Where will be your honeymoon?

The more of these sometimes ‘minor’ issues are agreed on before the marriage, the better the chances you don’t set off on a rocky start.

If your partner says ‘whatever you want’ to all of these, congratulations but be cautious.

You may have already seen strong stability, mutual understanding, and deep love in many marriages. It is because they communicate with each other. What they like and what they don’t like. Indeed, there are millions of happy Hindu couples.

So relax and stop worrying! Your chances of finding your true soulmate here are very high. Also, since you will both share similar background and views you are going to be a very loving and happy couple!


Find Your soulmate NOW!

We wish you Love and Success!

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