How To Use This Network

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Here are some rules of thumb that you might find helpful in finding your soulmate. But they are only suggestions. You need to navigate your own pathway and see what feels right for you.

1. In the beginning, the profile picture of your face you upload here is more than sufficient. Share your other pics after a few weeks or months of interacting with someone. This is to ensure that a person interested in you is not just interested in your body but also in your mind, heart, and soul. This is what will make you a permanent happy couple. Physical looks might wane over time, but love shouldn’t. (For instance, it’s a fact that many people put on weight after marriage or after having kids and can’t seem to lose the extra pounds however much they try.) Only share your full length pics after a person is genuinely interested in your heart and interests. You will know this if they have the courtesy and enthusiasm to chat with you for a month or two. You also have a ‘My Gallery Pics’ feature here to facilitate this. You might also want to disable or place on “private” your settings on Facebook etc so that people don’t simply judge you from visiting your Facebook wall and seeing your pics and comments. Encourage them to interact with you right here so that they can get to know you first – and you them – before you start exchanging more pics.

2. Do not share your private contact details – your email, phone number, or address etc. – until after a few months when you are completely sure you want to move ahead with the relationship.

3. Go slow. Be very patient. Yes, some people may get engaged within just a few months interacting in this high quality network! But, as you will understand, it doesn’t happen for everyone. For most people, slow and steady wins the race. Even if a few people are not reaching out to you, try to reach out to them. Br pro-active. An open-minded, young, winning, and positive outlook is very attractive to a lot of people. Giving out genuine positive vibes and self-confidence brings out the best in other people and attracts them to you.

4. Do not be discouraged if other members don’t respond to you immediately. Some people are shy, jittery, afraid of your rejection, scared to speak to a ‘stranger’, or are on vacation, or for any number of reasons. This is perhaps your best opportunity to find your true soulmate. He or she might be just around the corner. So hang in there. There is a good reason why it is said, “Patience is a virtue.” 

5. Maintain your continuous visibility and activity where it matters most: HERE. Being in this registry brings you in front of the very best American Hindu singles. This is not a site for the masses where millions of people worldwide roam. It is exclusively for the kind of soulmate you dream about: US based. Educated. Cultured. Vegetarian. Hindu. It’s also truly a great bargain at just $99 for 3 years = $2.75 / month. Compare this to websites for the masses that charge $20-30 / month.

6. When you interact here, be yourself. Be you. But be the better you. Try to uproot any negativity in you. Try to be a positive person. Not just now, but for the rest of your life.

7. In today’s day and age, it’s perfectly ok for a female to initiate a friendship. So whether you’re a boy or girl, don’t procrastinate with orthodox formalities such as “He is the boy, so he should contact me first.” Reach out to each other. No body becomes smaller or greater for being the first one.

8. Do not worry about rejection. Yes, it’s hard. But don’t let fear of rejection be a reason for you to not contact someone – even in your career and other matters. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t reject yourself. You both might be more compatible than you think. The other person might be less judgmental than you think. Yes, this is perhaps the hardest part of networking for marriage. But it’s unavoidable. Don’t cower in a corner. Go out and get what you want. Remember, you DO NOT become a smaller or less worthy bride/bridegroom because someone ‘rejected’ you. You are still someone’s king or queen! They are still looking for you. Everyone has faced rejection – even the most successful and lucky people in the world. So be brave, confident, and wave it away. Remember, when your soulmate finally finds you, he or she will be rejecting a thousand others for you. You also will be rejecting a thousand others.

9. Don’t feel bad if a conversation breaks off. There are a lot of fish in the pond and you are still looking for the one who is also looking for you. He or she is still there looking for you. Don’t give up on them. Patience is the greatest of all virtues. If you stay where you are, he or she will find you.

10. It’s ok to speak with 2 or more members at the same time. You don’t have to tell them you are doing talking with others, but you can disclose that if you wish. As time passes by, you will begin to gauge where there is more chemistry between you, and you may want to start focusing more on just one of the members.

11. When you are completely sure you are not interested in another member, it’s ok to courteously tell them so, so that there is no misunderstanding or time wasting. You might say ‘Thank you for reaching out to me. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed our interactions. However, I would rather not pursue this right now. Thank you for understanding.”

12. Be sensitive of other’s comfort zones. Do not expect them to open up everything to you. As they get to know you more, they will also give you more information.

13. Try to fill in as much detail in your profile as you are comfortable giving. It helps people to understand you, but perhaps more importantly, to understand yourself. This is also core to getting what you want as well as getting what you need.

14. Later on in your relationship, when things are getting finalized before your engagement, try not to keep secrets. If these come out later, it can cause problems. For instance, if you have any specific health issues or physical imperfections – such as diabetes, bunions on your feet, or a birthmark or something else your partner may not know, it may be a good idea to gently tell them.

15. Though physical looks are not everything, they are important to many people today. Try to look your finest. Shape up. Get a makeover – even if you’re male. Meet experts. Straighten your teeth. Improve your health, your posture, your mindset. Move heaven and earth. It’s worth the investment. Dramatic changes can often be achieved in just a few months. Always work with a qualified doctor.

16. We want to maintain the integrity of this exclusive network which is genuinely for US-Based, Hindu, Educated, Cultured, and Vegetarian (or leaning vegetarian) individuals. Please support this and help us to help you by reporting to Admin any irregularities or giving your suggestions to improve it.

17. Also to maintain your privacy and etiquette, we have set up certain features:

* Other members must become your friend before they can view your full profile details or other pics

* Other members must become your friend before they can send you a message

* Even after becoming your friend, friends cannot see your other friends

* All your messages are private unless you select them to go to your all friends or groups of friends

* However, bits of your profile are visible to member non-friends if they use the “advanced search” function to search for prospective friends in the member’s directory.

18. Pray to God to find you your soulmate. This site aims to bring you all together. God pairs you together.

Everyone wishes you Love, Marriage, and Success!


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