What Makes a Happy Marriage?


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Must I get married to a person from the same Hindu background to have a happy marriage?

Millions of Hindus have migrated from India to the USA and lived here for a number of years. But here’s what many Hindu parents still don’t understand that their own kids clearly know.

Just because an Indian girl or boy doesn’t go to the local temple, it doesn’t mean they are bad or uncultured. And just because they do go, it doesn’t mean they are always good.

And just because a person is deeply into a particular faith, it doesn’t mean he or she will be loving and caring. Indeed, being ‘over’ religious is sometimes a turn-off for US-based Hindu kids.

Ideal Hindu couples are vegetarian, eat out sometimes, go to parties, movies, and on vacations. They don’t spend all of their spare time in a temple. They spend time alone with each other, with family, and with friends. They also serve their temple and community. If they come from different Hindu faiths, they often visit each other’s temples. Happy couples embrace each other and have a balanced life.

But many girls and boys are uncomfortable approaching girls or boys from their local temple for marriage purposes. This is because they were kept apart for so long, and forbidden from speaking to the opposite sex, it’s awkward speaking with them now. Also, sometimes they might have heard uncomfortable stories about these boys and girls or their families. 

These days, for US-based kids, what makes a more happy marriage?

Ans: Mostly education and culture. 

Most US-based Hindu girls and boys have a similar cultural background. This means they share similar US accents. They don’t speak with an ’embarrassing’ Indian accent. 

This is usually a MUST for them. This way they both speak English fluently – without an Indian accent – and feel more comfortable with each other – especially in public. They also understand each other more clearly. Moreover, since they are educated they will both have good, decent-paying jobs or a successful business. 

Matters of vegetarian diet and which Hindu Faith to follow – Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Swaminarayan, Shakti, etc – are also important to practicing American Hindus. In these matters usually the couple respects all faiths so there is no problem at all.

Also, as the couple blooms in love, they soon agree to give up their vices to please their future spouse, live a healthier life, and offer a better example to their future children. 

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