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We are inspired and guided by a humble group of loving parents – educated American Hindus – doctors, pharmacists, nurses, hotel and business owners etc. – yes, the stereotypical profile of Hindu parents in the USA!

Within our own families we have struggled with our own kids, nephews, and nieces who have got their degrees, have a good job, but cannot find a suitable Hindu spouse. Worse, when we talk to them about getting married, some of our kids say “We’re not interested,” “Don’t force us,” “We know what we are doing,” or “We don’t need your advice.”

But many parents like ourselves believe that they should get married before it’s too late. If they pass a certain age, it will be difficult to find a spouse, and our children will have to compromise.

So there are 5 major reasons we built this specially dedicated website.

1. Our children have open minds to marrying a male or female who might not go to the same temple or belong to the same Hindu faith. They might not go to any temple at all.

2. Our children do not prefer spouses from India. They say categorically NO. They reject even educated and affluent males and females from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. They feel Indian dudes and dudettes are ‘desi’. No disrespect intended towards them. We parents are also ‘desi’ and proud of it. But our kids strongly object to a spouse from India for various reasons.

3. After meeting with many Hindu temples and organizations it has come to our attention that this is a challenge in almost every Hindu home in America.

4. We decided to help all US-based Hindu kids find the finest spouses without having to go outside of their faith and culture.

5. There are so many attractive and highly eligible Hindu boys and girls of marriage age in America. They just have to be brought together

We therefore decided to create this expensive but exclusive high-tech website.


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We wish you Love and Success!

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